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evolving ‘the practical buddhist’ book


The Evolution of a Book

Any author will tell you that the ideas they generated when starting their book evolved over time. Sometimes the resulting book is very different from how they originally conceived it, sometimes not. Like children, each book you birth and release into the world is unique.

When the book idea for The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual first surfaced, I brainstormed a list of 150 topics that were relevant to my practice of Practical Buddhism. I then evaluated each one and grouped similar topics together.

33 Deeper Questions

The final list of questions I addressed in writing this book totaled 33.  As I answered the questions, a short answer was obvious and was followed by an explanation that provided context for the short answer.

I then followed each explanation with some narrative from my personal experience with that question’s topic. The result is the finished book that totals 77 pages (PDF).

Of those 33 questions included in the book, 10 are listed below:

These and 23 other questions about Practical Buddhism are answered in the book.

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