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how to kick suffering in the ass

This is a guest post from my alter ego – Baz, the Badass Buddhist.

Suffering sucks, man!

And you need to kick its sorry ass to the curb. Take it from  me, I know. For years I felt sorry for myself because my marriages failed, because I didn’t have all the stuff I wanted to have in my life, and a million other petty thoughts that really got in the way of living my life.

I mean, what a f*cking waste! I spent days whining about my situation. Those are days that I’ll never get back!

It’s a bad habit and you need to kick it

I realized that the Buddha -the original badass- was so right. You know, when he said that suffering -that negative, sorry-ass energy that we all get caught up in- is nothing more than a bad habit? We continually attach our minds to either past memories of how life use to be or we’re wasting time dreaming of some future life that we want to be.

All the while we’re missing out on the what’s happening here and now. The present moment.

We’re trained from the time we can’t even see over the seat of our old man’s motorcycle that we’re not good enough, that we’re imperfect and in need of redemption of some kind. As a result, we spend our whole lives searching for a way to be good enough and suffering from low self-esteem and a total lack of self-worth in the process for decades.

That’s what sufferings like. And it’s not only running your life, but ruining it, too.

Stop being a victim and make suffering your bitch

You don’t have to let suffering run your life, you know. Suffering is totally optional. Instead of spending your life worrying, whining, dreaming, and lusting after whatever pie-in-the-sky pipe dream you’ve attached yourself to, kick it to the curb. Get real about waking up to the reality of the present moment.

The here-and-now beats the sh*t out of some-days any day of the week.

Spend time each day just sitting in silence and noticing how your mind works. Use a cushion, ride the highway, walk along the beach…whatever works. Just do it.  Do it every day for a month and see how clearer your mind becomes.

Meditating totally kicks suffering’s ass

Tired of this yet? Good. If you’re ready to stop being the victim of your past-regrets and someday-dreams and want to start living in the present, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the updates here.  Read the Meditation Guide and start kicking some ass!

Live like the Badass Buddha that your are!

Peace, out.