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Has the joy and wonder of your Buddhist journey gotten lost in the shuffle of daily life?

Early-morning-meditation-HDHas meditation practice become more a chore or have you left it behind altogether?

It’s easy to do considering how bombarded we are by smartphone notifications, demands of the job and family, not to mention finding a quiet place to call your own.

The 21st Century isn’t exactly the Buddha’s world.

You want to recapture the natural ease of daily practice, but aren’t certain how to find your way back

Our path becomes tortuous at times and it’s easy to become distracted. We start out strong and disciplined and one day we find ourselves very far from where we thought we’d be. We want nothing more than to find our way back to path we once knew. 

I found my way back, and so can you


Baz, The Practical Buddhist

Hi, I’m Baz, the Practical Buddhist and I used to be just like you. When I started my path of practice it was great, liberating, and full of meaning. But over time, the stress and pressures of everyday life encroached more and more on my practice.

I longed for a simpler approach to Buddhist practice that didn’t involve so much complexity. As a practicing minimalist, there was no way I could engage in a lot of unnecessary ritual and ceremony. 

Practical Buddhism is a simpler approach to practice

I embarked on a two-year period of research of experimentation with different forms of meditation and read a lot of Buddhist literature, after which I distilled everything I’d learned into three simple practices

When I set aside all the ritual and ceremony inherent in the many traditions I studied, I was left with the essentials of a very Practical Buddhism

Practical Buddhism consists of three active practices: meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness. They’re easy to engage and a great way to begin or renew your Buddhist practice and return to the joy you once experienced. TPB3D-Book-Template

In 2012, I published The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual, a book about leaving big religion. It’s about how Practical Buddhism evolved from my desire to find meaning and fulfillment in a simple set of meditative practices.

My daily meditation practice was the first step on the path of the Middle Way and it helped me root out and eliminate the causes of my suffering. Meditation is only one tool that can help you eliminate all of these forms of suffering that block you from living the life you dream of.

How to find your way back to the natural ease of practice

ITPB_Guide_Cover2‘ve written a 22-page guide, The Spiritual Rebel’s Guide to Awakening, that will answer your questions and equip you with the skills to begin a meaningful meditation practice.  

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