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Barry ‘Baz’ Morris is known as The Practical Buddhist and is the author of three books including the spiritual memoir, The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual. He writes about how to eliminate suffering at

Practical Buddhism differs from mainstream Buddhist traditions in that it’s focused not on ceremony and ritual, but on three active practices that anyone can implement to eliminate suffering; they include meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness.

about the practical buddhist approach to life

Why I Practice Buddhism, Don’t Attend Church, and Hold No Beliefs – A 2,500 word article that dives deep into my experiences in Christianity and Kriya Yoga

The Four Noble Truths – an excerpt from my book, The Practical Buddhist, on the Budhha’s four basic teachings inChristianity and Kriya Yoga

The Eight-fold Path – the path that ends all suffering; also an excerpt from the book

What’s Practical Buddhism? – a basic primer on what Practical Buddhism is all about.

How 3 Simple Practices Can Eliminate Suffering – their role and affect in my own life.

Compassionate Kindness in the 21st Century – an example of how I experience compassionate kindness at 30,000 feet.

How To Live Without Beliefs – Practical Buddhism is a belief-free concept and trust what we experience as reality.

The Importance of Asking the Big Questions – asking the truly big questions can change your life; Practical Buddhism is about asking these question openly and honestly.

Sitting Quietly, Simply Being – how to begin a practice of sitting quietly and simply enjoying the present moment.

The Book That Started It All – for anyone searching for a more meaningful way of living and a clearer understanding of what it means to practice Buddhism without robe or ritual. It’s required reading to get the most from TPB.