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the end of existential angst

“Why am I here?”

What’s my purpose?”

“If there is a God, what is her plan for my life?”

I used to ask myself these ‘big questions’ on a regular basis. In so doing, I was searching for existential answers to questions that mankind has asked since we developed the ability to question.

I never arrived at any answers that satisfied me. Instead, I banged my head against the existential wall and lived in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

Religion, philosophy, culture – all attempted to answer the big questions, but none succeeded. They never will. That’s because the questions are flawed.

They seemed like legitimate, well-intentioned questions that deserved to be answered. Yet as hard as I tried and as often as I posed these questions, the truth about my existence eluded me.

Then one day I woke up

I don’t recall when it occurred or where I was, but I did awaken from the dream we call life. I forever left the world of conditioned thinking and religion-influenced dogma. I wakened to the reality that existential questions have nothing to do with the present moment.

 Asking questions about my existence is like questioning the cup of steaming coffee on my desk.

The whole point is to drink it, experience it, live it.

Asking questions about my life’s purpose will never yield satisfactory answers because they can change tomorrow. So I’ve forgotten about asking the big questions.

That’s the point.

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