the practical buddhist : essentials

what a practical buddhist does in times of turmoil


We get depressed. We get bummed. We become angry just like anyone else.

But there’s a difference

As a Practical Buddhist, I experience each reaction for what it is; a temporary feeling.  I realize that most depressive states are transient. I accept what is. However, that doesn’t mean I have to like that which is causing me to feel turmoil.

Right now I find myself at a crossroads. I feel as if I’m perched precariously on the precipice of change. I don’t know exactly what changes are coming, but it’s in the air, so to speak.

Being in this place of uncertainty is unsettling. But it’s also a transient state and I know it will pass in due time. Everything is transient and nothing is permanent.

Serenity now

Practical Buddhism isn’t all about endless meditation, prolonged periods of serenity, or effortless Oms. No, instead it’s a way of living in the moment and experiencing all the depression, bummedness (yes, that’s a word..I just made it up), and anger that this wonderful freakin’ thing called life dishes up.

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