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discovering my inner zen monk

One of the earliest posts on TPB is one called, ‘What’s Your Pulpit of Origin?’ In that post I point out that most of us come to Buddhism from other traditions. My own pulpits of origin are Christianity and Kriya Yoga.

This week while I’ve been away from home on business, I’ve been reading about Zen Buddhism. And have discovered something interesting.

Practical Buddhism and Zen Buddhism are strikingly similar

In reading the site located at, I learned several interesting similarities between Practical Buddhism and its Zen cousin.

The difference

The only difference that I can see between Zen and Practical Buddhism is that Practical Buddhism includes an equal mindfulness and compassionate kindness as active practices in addition to meditation.

While the Zen Buddhist practitioner most likely would agree that these additional active practices are indeed fruits of zazen, the Practical Buddhist pursues all three active practices.

What this changes

Nothing. Zen is Zen.

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